Wine list

Wines from of all around the world

We specialise in QAO Priorat and AO Montsant varieties

A wine list that shows love for the country’s wines

The Sport restaurant offer wines from all around the world, with a wide selection of wines from the appellations of origin in the region: AO Montsant and QAO Priorat.

The selection is the result of many years of work. It is carried out carefully and with true love for the country’s wines. Peasants and wine growers work the land with dedication, effort, and an honest and bright result.

The list harmonizes the most renowned wines of exceptional vintages with new discoveries of small and young producers, offering exceptional value for money.

Wines to discover and enjoy in a relaxed environment

All of our wines have been selected to enjoy them slowly, surrounded by a unique, beautiful landscape such as el Priorat and in the context of a table, among friends and having a great conversation.

The list is sorted by towns to give value to the elaborations of each estate, land, term, variety, climate, winemaker… different ways of understanding wine, always personal and intimate. It ends with a final selection of wines of limited and especial editions which we are proud of offering at our restaurant.