The Bar Sport

In this bar you will find the typical fork breakfast

The traditional bar of Hotel Sport, where it all began

Despite the passage of years, still retains the essence and charm of the beggining. In this bar you will find the typical fork breakfast, traditional Catalan cuisine dish that you can enjoy with a glass of wine from Priorat.

The fork breakfasts are a reference since we opened in 1923

We like to see how groups of friends, families or couples are around a marble table and wood, like we have, with good wine and a repertoire of dishes cooked to obtain strength for all day.

The fork breakfasts are a reference in our bar since we opened the doors in 1923. Then the “truita amb suc” (omelette) and mandongo were the most popular breakfasts; today, they share the menu with other tasty dishes of Catalan tradition, cooked with proximity and quality products. We show them below.

Typical fork breakfast dishes

Herring of Coast with escalivada (vegetables cooked in the pan)

Herring of Coast with beans, tomatoes and fried garlic

Sausage with beans

Priorat sausage with garlic, tomatoes and black olives

Fried eggs with ham

Fried cod with tomato, garlic and beans ganxet

Fried Sausage with beans, tomatoes and garlic

Allyoli sauce with meat and garnish (fries baked or roasted)

Toasted country bread or bread coca accompanied with secallona of Priorat, white sausage, ham or omelette

Tripe with cod tripe and beans ganxet

Catalan pork feet

Chickpea stew with cod

Mountain Snails

Do you like tapas?

Tapas at Hostal Sport Bar & Restaurant. If you want to have a snack and eat something typical from the region, we offer you a new menu called “grab and succumb”. A perfect menu for an informal dinner or lunch.

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