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Local and seasonal cuisine, Priorat-style cuisine

A restaurant where to share local, km0 and seasonal cuisine, with a wide selection of the country’s wines and cavas. Homemade desserts and appetizers with vermouth from Falset. A place to have a private lunch or dinner in cosy surroundings. Make yourself at home.

Light snacks and starters

Cod and endive salad
Burrata cheese with tomatoes and black olive purée
Seasonal tomatoes with albacore tuna belly
Crispy flatbread with tomato
Coastal pilchard pastry with caramelised onion
9,40 €
Salad with goat cheese, strawberries and nuts
9,40 €
Cuttlefish and monkfish rice with artichokes
17,00 €
Squid and prawn rice
Green asparragus with romesco sauce
9,00 €
Mountain snails
7,20 €

Typical Priorat dishes

Blood sausage from the Priorat with homemade fried sauce
Truita amb suc i bacallà (Omelette in its own sauce with salt cod)
16,50 €

Fish dishes

Sauteed red shrimp from the coast
Salmon loins with Dauphinoise potatoes
Fried salt cod with Ganxet white beans, tomato and garlic
17,60 €
Roman style squid with a soya mayonaise
16,50 €

Grilled meat dishes

Grilled Iberian pork belly
Grilled pig’s trotters
14,90 €
Veal hamburguer on crispy bread and foie
16,00 €
Battered fried kid (baby goat) ribs
16,20 €
Veal Entrecot “Lomo Alto” from Argentina
19,30 €
Chuletón veal (500grs)
21,50 €
Beef Filet with foie
20,90 €
Lamb chops with garnish
17,60 €
Veal entrecot steak with garnish
19,30 €
Botifarra (local sausage) with Ganxet white beans
14,30 €

Classic dishes

Roast beef in its sauce
Traditional stewed rabbit with snails
Beef ossobuco stew
Free-range chicken stewed with nuts
16,50 €
Pork cheeks with figs
15,40 €
XXL Oxtail cannelloni
Veal shank with aubergine, cheese and red wine sauce
17,50 €
Oven roasted leg of kid (baby goat)
20,90 €
Pork trotters slow-cooked the Catalan way
16,00 €
Oxtail slow cooked with lots of patience
16,50 €


Irish coffee
Sugar-coated Creme Brulée with crunchy almond cookies
5,50 €
Homemade quince jelly with regional Tormo (sheep) cheese
6,40 €
Ice cream with melted chocolate
5,00 €
Traditional « torrija » with vanilla ice cream
5,50 €
Thin hot homemade apple tart with vanilla ice cream
6,05 €
Honey and curd traditional
5,75 €
Home-made custard
5,00 €
Menjar blanc (Blancmange) from Reus with crunchy cereals
5,50 €

*Notice to people with allergies or intolerances. Ask our personnel.
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