Timeless cuisine, ever-evolving!

The Hotel Hostal Sport’s kitchen has been a hive of activity for many years. We’re busy 365 days a year, making recipes handed down from one generation to another. Traditional recipes cooked over a low flame, with all the time in the world. Dishes such as stews -oxtail for example- are some of our specialties.


Anyone who comes to the restaurant and eagerly sits at one of our tables with its red and white tablecloths can rest assured that any dish with a soul, which is cooked patiently and served professionally, is well worth the wait!

The restaurant’s new website contains all of Hotel Hostal Sport’s menus. They change regularly with the seasons and also to include traditional dishes from the Priorat region such as truita en suc (haricot bean omelette) and mandongo (a type of stew). They also include the restaurant’s signature dishes, such as bacallà fregit amb mongetes del ganxet (cod fried with a local variety of legume), peus de porc a la graella (grilled pork trotters) and cuixa de cabrit rostida al forn (oven-roasted goat shank).


These are hearty dishes which require time in the kitchen and at the table. Perfect for winter-time. Nevertheless, our menu also includes our paellas, using great-grandfather Jaume’s recipe. We have three for you to choose from: vegetable, cod, or one with squid and prawns from Tarragona.

You needn’t wait until Thursday to order a paella (the day on which this dish is traditionally eaten), but you will have to wait a while, –perhaps while enjoying a glass of Falset vermouth– for it to arrive at the table. A paella also makes for a perfect dish for sharing.

And how about dessert? Prepared in our kitchen, with just the right amount of sweetness. From the traditional honey and cottage cheese, to homemade quince jelly with cheese from the Serra de Tormo, hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream, blancmange with a crunchy topping or custard.


A journey round authentic, local dishes which we thoroughly recommend you accompany with wine from the DO Montsant or DOQ Priorat. The region’s wines are always welcomed and recommended as they also form part of our identity. We have soft, crisp wines, together with more complex, characterful wines, at a price to suit all pockets. From classic wineries together with others which are just starting out. Our restaurant’s wine list has been awarded the CARTAVI Prize more than once and we are proud that its quality has been recognized on various occasions thanks to all the men and women who make it possible. 


If our wine is first class, then so too is our kitchen, our facilities, our service and so on. Our restaurant opens its doors every day of the year with this in mind, so that anyone who sits at one of our tables can eat heartily, while discovering and rediscovering the essence and flavours of the Priorat through its dishes which we so love to cook and serve. 


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