The authentic vintage experience in the Priorat, to your liking

The end of summer is approaching and with it comes one of the most awaited and appreciated times in the Priorat. We look forward to the beginning of the harvest season and, once again, we want you to come and live this high point of the winemaking campaign with us.

The harvest season varies slightly according to the weather conditions of each year, but the many ways of enjoying it remain year after year! So, whether you are a regular in wine tourist in the Priorat or if you have finally decided to visit us for the first time, we do not want to miss the opportunity to share with you some of the proposals that will ensure you have an unforgettable visit to the region:





At the Restaurant Sport we highlight seasonal and locally made products, giving them prominence in our menu.

Visit us during the harvest season and you will be able to enjoy traditional meals with local foods such as pumpkin, aubergines, pomegranates or pears. Not to mention, clearly, the grapes!

Check out our menu and find out about the new culinary proposals we offer. Without losing sight of the traditional stews of the Sport, a classic that never goes out of style!




There are up to 167 wineries in the Priorat, and many of them organize specific activities and visits so that you can discover the process of harvesting in person. Stroll through the vineyards to see how the grapes are harvested, learn about their processes to the end result and enjoy a wine tasting in its place of origin.

If you need advice, come and recharge your batteries at the Bar Sport and we’ll tell you all the details over a fork and knife breakfast!





Whether you are an athlete or just simply like to enjoy a day outdoors, the harvest season is ideal to spend the day in the Priorat while admiring its splendid landscape. The possibilities are endless!

Before the hot weather ends, take the opportunity to swim in the natural pools of the region such as the Tollets de Capçanes, the Toll de l’Ou, or the Toll de la palla. Choose one of the many hiking trails in the Serra del Montsant Natural Park or challenge the curves of our terrain by mountain bike!

Whichever ends up being your chosen activity, pass by the Sport and pick up our take away picnic with seasonal and local products to get the needed energy for your day outdoors.


Enjoy the authentic vintage experience in the Priorat to your liking, or take advantage of one of the packs of soulful experiences we offer you! Check them out here.